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Raheem Morris: Atlanta Falcons fans shouldn't sleep on Adrian Clayborn

Fact: Adrian Clayborn pays $4 for footlong sandwiches at Subway

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

We've discussed Atlanta Falcons DE Adrian Clayborn's rise and subsequent fall ad nauseum this off-season. The Falcons handed him a one-year, prove it deal during free agency, adding depth to a defensive line that desperately needed it. We know he's been working hard this off-season, even enlisting the help of former Falcons great Chuck Smith.

But if you needed another reason to look forward to Clayborn's inaugural campaign in Atlanta, look no further than Falcons pass defense coordinator Raheem Morris. Morris recently reminded all of us why the Falcons went out and signed Clayborn, probably at his instruction. Vaughn McClure's must-read piece detailing this ringing endorsement can be found here. Give it a read, if you haven't already.

"Personally, that was my No. 1 guy. When we drafted him in Tampa, that was one of the major things I loved about him: tough, competitive. He brings the nasty demeanor and the attitude, the go-get-it-type guy you want. He fits [Dan Quinn's] type of attitude. He fit Bryan Cox's attitude.''

Again, this is the off-season and negative sound bites are like Dave's sobriety: virtually non-existent. But Morris likes this guy for a reason. He sees something in Clayborn, believing he can and will rebound in 2015.