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All is quiet along the Evan Mathis front

After much hullabaloo (football term), one of the best guards in the league is still a free agent.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Fans of nearly every team have been clamoring for Evan Mathis. It is easy to see why. Mathis has been considered one of the top guards in the league for years. While he is getting on the old side (34 in November), he still looks to have something left in the tank.

However, despite two weeks after his expected release, no team has jumped out of the pack. Additionally, there has been mention of Mathis visiting with any team.

According to Mathis' unbiased agent, there are about 10 interested teams, but he refused to name the interested teams. The Dolphins are reportedly interested, but did not want to overspend on the veteran.

The only news in the last week comes from Mathis himself.

While he probably gets free burrito bowls, the Falcons could look to bolster their offensive line by bringing in Mathis. After the long wait, it is likely his price has dropped, and the Falcons have lacked any offensive line depth this decade.

The team has done a great job this year with adding cheap free agents, with only two new players earning more than $3 million a year. Mathis may very well fit the same mold of a great value and great scheme fit.