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Who is your favorite current Atlanta Falcon?

A loaded question, we know.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Every year around this time, we like to ask you who your favorite Atlanta Falcon is. That's what we're doing today, obviously.

We're sticking with current Atlanta Falcons players for the purpose of this discussion, and as always, we encourage you to share your reasons for selecting the player you choose. That can be anything fro talent to swagger to the way he looks at you through the television when you're watching Falcons game with a look you know is made just for you, even though you normally wouldn't dare to say something like that out loud.

I have a harder time with this question than I used to, which I think has to do with covering these players so closely and being mildly afraid they'll destroy me if they don't like one my answer. But I'd have to go with William Moore, who is just plain awesome.

Go to it!