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Report: Dan Quinn just joking about having room for Herschel Walker

Fact: Dan Quinn regularly ghost rides his whip

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Atlanta Falcons fans have suffered through two forgettable campaigns. Watching the Falcons lose game after game left us sad and disappointed. That all changed when Dan Quinn was hired. He's truly set the tone since his hiring, with the players taking note and subscribing to his approach. In short, we're buying into what Quinn is selling.

So when Quinn said the Falcons could find space for 53 year old Herschel Walker in their backfield, I never balked at the suggestion. Sure, there's some talent in the current backfield. But you can never have too much depth. Whatever helps the team win, right? But now it appears the whole thing was just a joke!

"Look, what I said about Herschel being one of my all-time favorite players is true, but nobody should take seriously about what I said about having room on the team for him," said Quinn. "I love him, yes, but some of that was in jest. I love the running backs we have on our roster. We had a great offseason, and I'm excited about going into training camp with that group."

Joking? He was joking?! Not cool, Quinn. Not cool. This is a first step in the wrong direction for the rookie head coach. You won't get far messing with the emotional well-being of the fan base. Quinn needs to think about what he says and use his words carefully. Now he's got angry and confused Falcons fans to deal with; team discipline certainly is a definite possibility.

[note that this piece is meant to be satirical - if you thought I was serious, Vishnu have mercy on your soul]