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Falcons Uniform History #31: A Legend Cut Short

We don't have a pretty picture to use, but then again, this Ring of Honor member cannot be introduced by mere photos.

You gussed it. Georgia native, Auburn graduate, and 3rd round pick William Andrews is the greatest Falcon to don #31, and it isn't really close.

Andrews cracks the Falcons records book with 5968 yards on the ground, four consecutive Pro Bowl appearances from 1979-83, and two-time 2nd team All-Pro honors in 81' and 82'. Known for his sheer power, catching ability, and heavy contribution to the 80s Falcons, Andrews is a shining light in a sometimes dark Atlanta past.

Watch out, Ronnie. Ouch.

Unfortunately, what could have been a Hall of Fame caliber career was cut short after William suffered ligament damage to his knee during a 1984 preseason game that sidelined him for two seasons. Andrews returned for a final season in 1986, only to never to return to final form.

Today, Andrews' number hangs in the Ring of Honor, bringing memories to old-school fans and striking fear into 49ers fans everywhere.

What is your favorite William Andrews moment, and where do you rank him on your list of all time greatest Falcons' running backs?