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Who's the best #30 in Falcons history?

The number 30 has an interesting, and somewhat depressing, history for the Falcons.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The number 30 has a long and illustrious history in Atlanta, and by that I mean a lot of people have worn that number, though not necessarily many impact players.

Fullback Ernie Wheelright, while wearing number 30, racked up 458 yards and three touchdowns on 121 carries in 1966, plus 137 receiving yards and three receiving touchdowns. Spent just three games on the field for Atlanta in 1967, with 43 rushing yards and one rushing touchdown, as well as four receptions for 46 yards. Wheelright was also in several movies, including the original Longest Yard, and owned a nightclub in Atlanta called the Pink Pussycat Club that the NFL actually asked him to divest himself of so as to not tarnish the reputation of the league, so he was a colorful gentleman.

Many of you may fondly remember cornerback Scott Woerner, a former Georgia Bulldog drafted in the third round of the 1981 NFL Draft by Atlanta. Woerner spent just one season with the Falcons, returning 33 punts for 278 yards and 10 kicks for 210 yards over the course of that season.

David Croudip had the most longevity of any player who has worn number 30 for the Falcons, spending four seasons in Atlanta. Croudip had four interceptions and one fumble recovery for the Falcons, as well as two kick returns for 38 total yards, and then he died of a cocaine overdose in 1988 immediately following a 33-0 loss to the Rams. This post is rapidly becoming very depressing.

In recent memory, the number 30 has been worn by fullback Josh Vaughan, who did have this spectacular 65-yard touchdown run against the Jags during the 2013 preseason, and Charles Godfrey.

Out of these choices, I'm going with Ernie Wheelright. Statistically speaking, he had the most impact for the Falcons, and his colorful off-the-field history makes him an engaging choice.

Your thoughts on the number 30 throughout Falcons history?