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Is Julio Jones headed for a monster year under Kyle Shanahan?

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Yes. But let's go a little deeper with NumberFire.

The analytical minds over there decided to take a closer look at Kyle Shanahan's propensity for using his "X" wide receiver, which on paper will be Julio Jones. In reality, of course, Jones is going to move all around the formation and devastate the poor saps forced to reckon with covering him, but he's still the team's top guy and will line up often as such. Shanny's reputation is that he forcefeeds his #1 guy to an unusual degree, and as avid Julio fans, we're eager to know if that will continue here.

The answer to that question is no, primarily because Shanny's reputation isn't deserved. Andre Johnson got plenty of targets during Shanahan's days in Houston, yes, but he was also easily the best wide receiver on the roster, and Kevin Walter absorbed plenty of them, too. In Washington, his X receiver soaked up a lot of targets, but the dropoff from Pierre Garcon to the team's #2 option was so stark he couldn't help it. In every instance, either there was no great second option at wide receiver or the disparity between the the team's top option and the next guy up was overblown.

Jones will have a huge year because he's one of the NFL's most talented receivers, and he needs to soak up targets to wreak havoc. He won't do so because Shanny's going to make Matt Ryan spoonfeed him targets, however. Take a look at NumberFire's post for more on the topic.