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Which Falcons Could See Reduced Roles In 2015?

Go ahead and take yourself a breather, old man.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Another year brings an influx of rookie and free agent talent to a team that desperately needed it, but who will sit down and who will step up?

Jonathan Babineaux

Even at 33 years old, Babs is a pillar of the Falcons franchise and is capable of playing at a fairly high level, but his playing time may soon see a hit with second year defensive lineman Rs'Shede Hageman and rookie Grady Jarrett getting in the mix. This may in fact be better for him. The defensive line is one of the more physically demanding aspects on the game. His quality of play could see an improvement with longer resting times.

Roddy White

The Falcon great is entering the final years of his brilliant career, and Atlanta finally added some legitimate receiving talent this offseason with Leonard Hankerson and Justin Hardy. My guess is that Roddy will still be our feature number two, but it wouldn't surprise me to see either of our new additions coming in frequently to give him a breather.

Kroy Biermann

While Kroy doesn't always have the entirety of the fanbase behind him, he has certainly seen the field quite a bit in the last couple of seasons. That will most likely change in 2015, with top 10 pick Vic Beasley coming into town and players like Stansley Maponga and O'Brien Schofield looking to push for rotational playing time. Kroy will still see the field, it'll just be a reserved role that he has the potential to be a solid contributor in.

Kemal Ishmael

Oh how I love you, Kemal. You surprised us all with your hard hits and beautifully timed interceptions. But, alas, William Moore has returned and there's a young gun shootin' for Free Safety by the name of Ricardo Allen. Ish could be an eventual replacement for Moore down the line, but for now he's a really good backup at box-safety.

Who do you see taking playing time hits, and who steps up to the plate?