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Predicting the Falcons Season: A Haiku

We're in the most boring part of the season. Let's do something creative!

This is a good idea, eh?!
This is a good idea, eh?!
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

I was inspired to do this by a post on Reddit regarding something totally unrelated to football. The idea here is to predict how the Falcons season will go using only a haiku.

If you're not familiar with what a haiku is, it's a form of poetry that consists of only three lines. Each line must have a set number of syllables. The first line must have 5 syllables, the second must have 7, and then the third line must have 5.




For instance:

Defense might struggle

At least it's not run, run, pass

Birds go 4-and-12.

Of course that one doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but it's okay! This is all about having some fun with your Monday morning. I'm hoping we get some awesome responses here. In the spirit of starting the creativity, I'll do one for each of the NFC South teams:


New coach, new defense

Division will fear Matty

Now I'm fired up


Hello, I'm Drew Brees!

No Graham? Team gave up on me.

6 wins in my dreams.


That defense is good

Newton can't win from backside

Looks like 7 wins


Coach puts on repeat:

"Jameis, Jameis, Jameis, no"

4 wins? No, crab legs

And there you have it. What little creative juices remain in my mind have been all used up.

Some small rules regarding posting a haiku. You are allowed to post a haiku about any team HOWEVER if you would like to include one about the Falcons, that's fine, too. So if you live in California and want to post one that is like

Rivers plays like this:

"I'll show you what WTF means"

Probably 12 wins

about the Chargers, that's great. I would say keep it to one or two haiku poems per post so it breaks up the comment section, though I don't care how many comments you do.

Challenge: For added fun, post a haiku without saying the team name and try to get people to guess it! (Keep it to the NFL for this though)

Here's my challenge one:

I hold three records

But now I don't even start

Journeyman career

While this describes a particular player, what team does he play for?! The challenge ones have to be a little bit more obscure because if I made any team references, that would be too easy. You're welcome to do that, though!

Post your season prediction haiku poems and any creative challenge ones you might have!