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Terrelle Pryor, now a wide receiver, a potential fit for the Atlanta Falcons?

We crank up the speculation machine and connect some dots regarding a former quarterback.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Probably four years too late, former Ohio State Buckeye has has finally decided he should be playing wide receiver, and not quarterback.

Since entering the 2011 Supplemental Draft, Pryor was considered a huge project at quarterback. He struggled at basically every aspect of the position, and realistically was a long shot as a starting-worthy quarterback.

But he has gotten multiple chances thanks to his ridiculous athleticism. Athleticism that Dan Quinn has seen during the 2014 offseason, after the Seattle Seahawks traded a 7th round pick for Pryor. He did not make the final roster, but the Seahawks determined that Pryor's upside, even at quarterback, was worth the late round pick.

Do you think Dan Quinn wants someone with size, length, and speed? Maybe a 6-foot-4.5, 232 pound player with a 4.38 40? Impressive numbers at his Pro Day, considering Julio Jones ran (ever so slightly) slower despite being a bit slower and (at the time) 20 pounds lighter. Pryor is not Julio Jones, but this should give you an idea of what sort of talent Pryor is.

Pryor's probably best compared to some tight end/wide receiver types. For instance, Devin Funchess was shorter, slower, and skinnier, and was selected by the Carolina Panthers with the 42nd overall pick this year. Not happy with his level of pass catching experience? Tight end Jordan Cameron, who played within 10 pounds of Pryor's Pro Day weight, has similar height, and is slower, and caught all of 16 passes in college. His third year in the NFL he caught 80 footballs.

SBN's draft guru Dan Kadar had this to say about Pryor prior to the supplemental draft:

Pryor's best fit in the NFL may be split outside at wide receiver. He's shown enough shiftiness and agility to be a natural conversion. The trouble is, no one knows if he can catch a ball.

Despite playing in only 14 games, Pryor holds the record for the longest quarterback run in NFL history at 92 yards. In his 2013 season, where Pryor had his most starts, he averaged 6.9 yards per rush.

We know that Quinn has placed an emphasis on length and speed. We could see that with the selection of Jalen Collins, who has the prototypical size and speed combination, but only 10 career starts in school. He could easily push for a final roster spot, and provides significantly more upside than any tight end on the roster. He is a project, regardless of his position, but could payoff sooner rather than later, even in a limited role.

Thoughts on Pryor's position change and potential role he could have in Atlanta?