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Numbers don't lie, the 2012 Atlanta Falcons are history

Fact: Sam Baker's beard is considered a federally protected wetland

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL is a tumultuous place of employment. One day you're running out of a tunnel, screaming fans chanting your name. The next day you hit the waiver wire, struggling to land a contract. Turnover in the NFL is commonplace; in fact, it's expected. Front offices will try to find diamonds in the rough, handling players like they're corn futures. Even seasoned veterans aren't safe, regularly finding themselves on the cutting block when younger, cheaper players come along.

The Falcons are no exception to these rules. And while the past two seasons were rough to watch, I will always remember the 2012 Atlanta Falcons fondly. D. Orlando Ledbetter did a little number crunching, finding that 72 percent of that team is not part of the current roster. It's a staggering statistic, one that makes January 20, 2013 seem like a lifetime ago.

The cuts have continued. Of the starting offense that day, only wide receiver Julio Jones, wide receiver Roddy White, right guard Peter Konz and quarterback Matt Ryan remain. Gone, but not forgotten, are Baker, left guard Justin Blalock, center Todd McClure, right tackle Tyson Clabo, tight end Tony Gonzalez, Turner and wide receiver Harry Douglas. On the defense, only defensive tackle Jonathan Babineaux and safety William Moore remain.

As Dan Quinn kicks off his inaugural season, 2012 continues to fade. But there are bright days ahead, Falcoholics. Just live in the moment, because if you blink, you just might miss them.