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Falcons fill empty roster spot with rookie linebacker Boris Anyama

The spot had been left open by the release of linebacker Prince Shembo.

Beth Hall-USA TODAY Sports

If you wondered who would fill the Falcons' last remaining roster spot, wonder no more. It's Boris!

Suffice to say we don't know a ton about Anyama, except that he had 8.5 tackles for losses a year ago and was not drafted. He'll join a crowded but unsettled linebacker corps and hope to hang on, but it's obviously going to be an uphill battle for a guy who is just joining the Falcons in June. We wish him well.

The Falcons now sit at 90 players, so their roster is currently full up. Expect plenty of moves between now and the end of August, when the team needs to cut down to 53 players and a 10 man practice squad, but for now everything's settled again after the team signed Chris Chester and released Prince Shembo a week ago.