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Which Falcon never got a chance to shine?

Who is the greatest Falcon to never play well for the Falcons?

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

There are certain players who never had their chance to shine for the Atlanta Falcons, whether it was due to injury, lack of available playing time or Jerry Glanville. We discuss those players today.

Unfortunately, the Falcons' winding road is littered with these players. Brett Favre is the most notable example, yes, but we've lamented the lack of opportunities for everyone from Jason Snelling to early career Brent Grimes. That it's true of every NFL team does little to lessen its sadness for Falcons fans, really.

What I'd like to hear from you is your opinion on the player who got shafted the most during his stay in Atlanta. Reach back as far into the history of the team as you like to come up with your answer, but give us your best shot at coming up with an answer for a difficult question.

Who do you think never got the chance they deserved in Atlanta?