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Falcons Minicamp: Justin Hardy lives up to the hype

Many have asked about fourth rounder Justin Hardy, and he certainly shone during Thursday's minicamp.

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The third and final day of Falcons minicamp is in the books, and several Falcons turned in impressive performances. A couple of guys were sidelined with injuries. Jonathan Asamoah, nursing an ankle injury, was working on the far field with trainers. Tevin Coleman was held out with a groin strain, and Malliciah Goodman did not participate as he's dealing with a knee injury. Roddy White, who did not participate Tuesday or Wednesday, returned to practice today.

Matt Ryan didn't do much today, though there was no injury concern associated with his limited participation. Dan Quinn said after practice that the team wanted to get T.J. Yates some first team reps.

Many fans have asked about Justin Hardy, the Falcons' fourth rounder out of ECU. Hardy's effort and work ethic have been praised by everyone from Matt Ryan to Julio Jones, and you could certainly see how that's paying off for Hardy today. It seemed like he caught everything that was thrown his way, and he was running nice, clean, precise routes. Leonard Hankerson also looked good again today, and the depth chart battle between these two should be fun to watch when training camp rolls around.

Vic Beasley's been spending time on the left and right side, which is interesting. His first step is something pretty special regardless of which side of the formation he's on, and his technique looks cleaner. It appears that Beasley has gotten a lot out of OTAs and minicamp. Beasley said after practice that he's a little more comfortable on the right side, but that he's happy to be wherever the team most needs him. Dan Quinn reiterated after practice that they expect Beasley to fill the LEO role in this defense.

As always, we had some great reader questions on Twitter.

It's been really interesting to watch the o-line over the course of OTAs and minicamp. The technique they're employing in this new zone blocking scheme is a big departure from what they've done in the past, and everyone has looked more comfortable each day.

Both prospects are equally terrifying.

I love watching Dan Quinn at practice. He's focused on everything and involved in everything. He's always communicating with players and coaches alike. Quinn's interactive nature is probably the biggest change from the previous regime, and I have to think it's a positive one.

Ryan looks great. Bear in mind there's no contact and nothing is full speed, but I think he looks really comfortable.

Obviously he's talking about Roddy, and this is a really interesting question considering how good both Hankerson and Hardy have looked this week. I think Hankerson currently has the edge, but let's keep an eye on these guys heading into training camp.

Yes, and Dan Quinn really likes what Jarrett brings to the table. Quinn said after practice they'll use Jarrett in the nickel package.

A lot of questions! Ryan Schraeder is at RT. Jalen Collins is really coming along. He looks a little more comfortable each day. Jacob Tamme looks great. If he and Tony Moeaki both stay healthy the Falcons should be really solid at the tight end position both in terms of blocking and receiving. Brooks Reed seems to be pretty much back to normal. And I'm doing well, and I hope you are, too! Thank you for asking.

He looks solid. Excited to see what he does at full speed in the preseason. He's always been monstrously athletic and he seems really focused. If he lives up to his potential this season, watch out.

I lost zero earrings today. Everybody can breathe easy.

What questions or observations do you have about Falcons minicamp? Share your thoughts in the comments.