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Falcons Minicamp: Ricardo Allen's a ballhawk

Ricardo Allen showed off his skills today with a couple of impressive interceptions.

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

There was a phenomenal turnout for the second day of minicamp, with over 2,900 fans packing in to watch the Falcons practice in the oppressive heat.

Roddy White did not practice today, and Dan Quinn told the media after practice that Lamar Holmes has broken a bone in his foot, which is a big setback. Holmes has been having a nice offseason and has done everything the coaches have asked of him, and it's particularly painful that this news comes on the heels of the release of tackle Sam Baker. Here's hoping for a speedy recovery as the Falcons could use the depth.

Lots of fans have been curious about Ricardo Allen, who has been getting first-team reps at free safety. The converted cornerback put on a show today, with two genuinely impressive interceptions. Allen demonstrates great awareness in position drills and really excelled in team drills. Safety Damian Parms, an undrafted free agent out of Florida Atlantic, also had an impressive interception, and Johnathon Mincy, another undrafted free agent out of Auburn, had a solid day, with three quality pass break-ups.

It's been interesting to see second rounder Jalen Collins adjust to the speed of the game. He's still visibly working through what he needs to be doing on the field, but I've been impressed by his communication with teammates and the visible difference in his comfort level between yesterday and today. He's coming along.

As always, we had some reader questions on Twitter.

It felt infinitely hotter than yesterday and I actually didn't believe that was possible.

Reedy has looked good. I did see him miss one in the end zone today, but overall he's looked good. I do wonder what the outcome will be for him because the WR position is crowded. As I mentioned earlier, Allen was very impressive today.

Bring anything you can to stay cool. Damp towels, an umbrella, wear a hat, wear sunscreen and bring something to fan yourself with. Definitely bring some money to buy water for $1 at the concession stand. You're going to have to work to stay hydrated. Maybe even bring a portable air conditioned structure and let me sit with you. I'm just throwing out some ideas.

This is a great question, and there's kind of a long list. I'm really impressed with Vic Beasley. His transition to the pros looks seamless. Speed of the game seems to come pretty naturally to him, and his first step is everything it's been made out to be. He's a hard worker and appears to be very coachable. I've been really impressed with Devonta Freeman. I've always liked Freeman's vision, but he's so driven this offseason. It's fun to watch. I'm also very impressed with Ricardo Allen. It's not easy to transition to another position -- although the simplified scheme does make it easier -- and he has been really impressive.

This is a tough question to answer in a no-contact context, but in terms of pursuit and getting off the snap aggressively, I'd say they look pretty good. I can't wait to see what the pass rush looks like when preseason rolls around.