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Lamar Holmes injury: Tackle broke foot at Tuesday's minicamp

It's heartbreaking news for a player who showed up motivated and in shape.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons just released Sam Baker, so of course one of their tackles would go down with an injury just days later, per Dan Quinn.

This is awful news for Holmes and lousy for the Falcons, too. It's currently unknown how Holmes suffered the injury, and we don't know how long he'll be out. Chances are good he'll miss training camp, however, and there's at least a decent chance he'll miss some of the season. It puts him behind in any competition and makes his roster spot less secure, either way.

He had shown up to camp slimmed down and looking pretty good, and figured to at least compete for a reserve role with Tyler Polumbus, if not the starting right tackle gig with Ryan Schraeder. This leaves the Falcons much thinner at tackle, and unless rookie Jake Rodgers is ready to step up in a big way, the team's going to have to go outside the organization to add to the depth chart for training camp. Schraeder is virtually guaranteed the starting right tackle gig unless he faceplants, at this point.

We don't know how much time this will cost Holmes, but a recovery from a broken foot isn't exactly swift. We wish him a speedy recovery, but damnit, this sucks.