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Matt Ryan: Atlanta Falcons can definitely make the playoffs in 2015

Fact: Matt Ryan has a pet mouse named Squeaks

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

It's Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan's job to be confident. He's the face of the franchise and he carries a heavy burden. Even when things aren't looking good, or even when the team is mired in a two year slump, it's Ryan's job to at least act like everything is headed in the right direction.

With mandatory mini-camp kicking off today, Ryan had a chance to address the media. And if you ask him, there's no reason to doubt the Falcons in 2015. Credit to Vaughn McClure for the quote.

"Absolutely," Ryan said following Day 1 of mandatory minicamp. "There's absolutely no reason we can't get it done. We feel like that in the locker room, that we've just got to get better every day just on daily improvement and then go cut in loose when the season rolls around. But there's absolutely no reason."

Two important things to point out here. First, the obvious: Ryan has to say this. I can guarantee he has his concerns; the offensive line, a new offensive scheme, a very capable yet somewhat unproven and recovering backfield, to name a few. But he's going to plow ahead like Dave at a Sheryl Crow concert, because that's how he rolls.

Second, Ryan isn't wrong. There's no reason to think the Falcons are incapable of making the playoffs. There's always a few teams that rebound in decisive fashion year to year - why can't it be the Falcons? Regardless, it's nice to hear Ryan talk like this early on. Heck, the Falcons may be headed for complete disaster, but with Ryan dropping sound bites like this one, I'm already looking forward to the season ahead.

Your thoughts?