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Report: Falcons did put in waiver claim on Tim Wright

The Atlanta Falcons are still shopping for upgrades, as they should.

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

We had reason to believe that the Falcons put in a claim on Tim Wright last week, but it's now been publicly confirmed by one of ESPN's more reliable reporters.

What does this mean? First, that the Buccaneers stink, but we already knew that. The Falcons never had a shot at Wright with three teams ahead of them also putting in claims, but the fact that the team was interested enough to try speaks volumes to me.

While I'm fine with the players the Falcons have assembled at tight end for 2015, they'd be fools not to grab an upgrade if one became available, and they made the effort here. This tells us that if any decent tight ends shake loose between now and late August, there's a very real chance the Falcons will go this route again in an attempt to upgrade. That could mean Tony Moeaki or Levine Toilolo would lose a spot, but if it gives the team better, more consistent tight end play for 2015, that'll be worth it.