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Falcons Uniform History: #20 belongs to Brent Grimes

Who else, really?

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Welcome to the 20's, Falcons fans. These numbers should be easier on our weary eyes than the teens, at least.

We actually have quite a few choices for #20. There's fan favorite and premier special teamer Allen Rossum, who spent five productive seasons with Atlanta in the early 2000's. There's solid special teamer and defensive back Tom McCauley, who passed three quality years with the Falcons starting in 1969. But there's really only one appropriate choice here.

It's unquestionably Brent Grimes, who went from undrafted free agent out of Shippensburg to one of the NFL's premier cornerbacks. Grimes spent five years in Atlanta, picking off 13 passes, deflecting 46 passes and starting a total of 43 games. Wide receivers with height advantages over Grimes quickly found they didn't have much else, as his leaping ability, aggressive play and athleticism enabled him to shut down most of the players he faced over his five years.

His stint with Atlanta ended with some acrimony between the sides, and Grimes is now continuing his stellar career with the Miami Dolphins. However it ended, though, it's clear Grimes is the best Falcon to wear #20, and a great former Falcon, period.