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Creating your ideal Atlanta Falcon from the current Atlanta Falcons roster

Fact: Matt Ryan ghost wrote "Green Eggs and Ham"

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

It's a Sunday evening during an everlasting off-season. In other words, let's waste some time, Atlanta Falcons fans!

There was an interesting thread on Reddit this week, posing a hypothetical where you could create your perfect player Frankenstein style. Combine one player's football IQ with another players speed and agility, for example. It's a genetically-modified dream scenario, if you will.

So we're going to steal the idea but limit it a bit. The rules are simple. First, you can only use Atlanta Falcons. Second, you can only use players on the current roster. I'll go first: I would combine William Moore's on-the-field leadership, Matt Ryan's football IQ, Roddy White's swagger, and Julio Jones' ridiculous athleticism. He'd be named William Ryan White-Jones, Esq. As a rookie, he'd back up Matt Bosher at free safety, return punts, and light Bryan Cox's cigars.

And now it's your turn. Have fun with this. Best FrankenFalcon gets Dave's house. Ready? Set? Go!