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Falcons Uniform History: #18

This number is...a little less inspiring.

George Rose/Getty Images

So we're back on the uniform bandwagon today and as luck would have it, we're now legal.

But the funny thing about being legal is that it's not all you thought it was, just like the Falcons' #18 winner, Mick Luckhurst.

Luckhurst is a name I've seen floated around this blog a time or two and for good reason: he wasn't particularly awesome, yet he stuck around for multiple contracts. He was, however, one of the few British-born NFL players and played with the Falcons for the entirety of his NFL career.

For his career, Luckhurst was 8/16 from 50+. To compare, our own Money Matt Bryant was 7/10 from 50+ last year.

Luckhurst also missed 3 XP's in his career with us. Money Matt? (/knock on wood) None, at least with us. Truthfully, I didn't know much about Luckhurst prior to this post so I did some digging. Prior to Morten Anderson's arrival, Luckhurst was the team's leading scorer with well over 500 points. Morten Andersen now holds the team's point record with 804.

Money Matt is in 2nd place with a toasty (gulp) 666 points. Yeah.

Aside from Luckhurst there really wasn't a whole lot going on at #18. You might remember Freddie Martino, who currently wears #18 for the Falcons. He hasn't accrued much in the way of stats, but he's the current holder of the number.

Bruce Lemmerman was the first person to wear #18 for the team. Don't go back and look at his stats. Just don't.

Many of you may remember Wade Wilson's brief appearance for the Falcons. He only played a single year with us, yet his numbers were actually quite good. He appeared in 9 games, starting 3. Check out this stat line:

68.1% Comp., 1,366 Yds, 13 TD 4 INT

Which, if played out over the course of a Dirk Koetter-era 625 passing attempt offense, parlays itself into the following:

68.1% Comp., 5,237 Yds, 50 TD 15 INT

...or better than any season that not only Matt Ryan has ever had, but nearly any quarterback ever. Naturally, sports do not work out this way, but I figured it'd be a neat addition to the post.

Share your memories of Mick Luckhurst and Wade Wilson in the comments below!