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What will it take to win the NFC South in 2015?

It's a question worth contemplating with the NFC South in considerable flux.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

On Sunday I was on 92.9 with Harper Lebel and Rob Dibble, and they asked me an interesting question: Is nine games good enough to win the NFC South?

I gave an off-the-cuff answer—yes, in case you're wondering—but the question has been bouncing around in my brain ever since. Getting a bead on how successful the NFC South will be in 2015 is no easy task, and while I've projected the final standings, it's fair to say I haven't given a ton of thought to a worst-case scenario in which the South is once again very, very bad.

If the sole question is how many wins it will take, though, I think the baseline is nine. Every team in this division has a potentially fatal flaw even if you don't factor in injuries, which are inevitable for every team in varying degrees. This isn't particularly likely to be the NFC South of old, with its multiple playoff-caliber teams, and we're likely to see at least one of these teams fall flat. Given that, a team with 9 wins might very well sneak in, and that's not to mention the rest of the NFC facing question marks that come when teams like the Cowboys and 49ers seemingly decline.

What say you?