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Even with contract talks looming, Julio Jones remains completely professional

Fact: Julio Jones invented the Macarena

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Did you hear? It's the last year of Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones' current contract. A year from now, Jones will either have a new, long-term deal or he will have signed his franchise tag. We'd like it to be the former scenario, not the latter; but even it isn't, you know Jones will remain professional about the situation. That's certainly not the norm.

Chris Mortensen recently reported that Dallas Cowboys WR Dez Bryant may skip the first regular season game if he's not signed to a long-term deal by July 15th. He's due almost $13 million if he signs the franchise tag. He will get nothing (on a prorated basis) if he misses any regular season games.

The drama here is understandable, but only to an extent. This is, after all, the livelihood of these players. If you're smart, you convert your net earnings over into lifelong financial stability. But that doesn't mean you hijack the collective bargaining agreement in the process. There's a right way to negotiate and one that's bad for the league.

Maybe I'm just upset because Jerry Jones will undoubtedly cave, inadvertently inflating Jones' market value. Your thoughts?