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Report: Tampa claims Tim Wright, Falcons do not get a chance

The Falcons may have taken a chance on Wright, but couldn't land him. Thanks, waiver process.

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons' tight end corps is loads better than it was a year ago, but that doesn't mean there's no room for improvement. Atlanta could have improved their offense by putting in a claim on recently released tight end Tim Wright, but whether they did or not is moot, because the Bucs got him.

The depth chart appears crowded at first glance, but there's little question Wright would have been an asset. He's a legitimate weapon in the red zone, he's at least as good as Jacob Tamme as a receiver in general and he would come cheap. If you bump Mickey Shuler, Tony Moeaki or even Levine Toilolo off the roster for him, so be it. This team could still use upgrades.

Of course, Wright is young, he just reeled in six touchdowns a year ago and he's going to be cheap, so there were many teams clamoring to claim him. The Bucs won the derby, so we're left to wonder what might have been had Wright made it through the waiver process to the Falcons, presuming they were interested. At least the team has a legitimate starter in Jacob Tamme and more depth than they had at any point in 2014, eh?

We'll update this story as soon as we confirm that the Falcons put in a waiver claim, but we suspect they were interested.