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The FalcFans podcast relives a classic 2011 Falcons game, part deux

Follow along with the second half of a memorable overtime tilt between the Falcons and Saints from 2011.

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The FalcFans podcast returns for running commentary of the second half of the infamous November 2011 Falcons-Saints game.

Aaron Freeman and our own Allen Strk take you through the second half of one of the more tense games in the vaunted rivalry, and as always, it's top-notch and worth your time. It certainly helps that this game went to overtime, unlike the next time the Falcons met up with the Saints. We're better off forgetting that game entirely, methinks.

For the first half of this game and the team's commentary on that, click this link. To watch the second half alongside Aaron and Allen, check out the video below.

Click here to listen to the full episode