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Considering new starters for the 2015 Falcons

How many will Atlanta trot out this season?

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

This is a new Falcons team, as we all know. But just how many new starters are we going to see?

Your answers will vary, especially in June, but the obvious answer is many. This was a team with a putrid defense just a year ago, plus an offense with no ground game and shaky tight end play, so big changes were inevitable. If we're talking numbers, though, it's fair to say the Falcons are about to replace half of their starters from a year ago.

My best guess is that you'll see three new offensive starters and about seven new defensive starters, as crazy as that sounds. On offense, there should be new options at left guard, running back and tight end, while on the defense both ends, one of the defensive tackle spots, both outside linebackers, one starting cornerback and free safety will be turning over. If you want a reason to expect a few stumbles and problems for this team in 2015, that degree of wholesale change is reason enough.

That said, this was a team in desperate need of an infusion of talent, so getting those new starters in will be worth any growing pains. What's your best guess, though?