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Devin Hester on transition to the Dan Quinn era and more

The veteran return specialist and receiver weighed in on the new up-tempo practices and more.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

For a veteran like Devin Hester, new to the Falcons as of last offseason, this is his second season in a row learning a new scheme and adjusting to new coaches. Hester says, however, that the transition to new head coach Dan Quinn's regime has been a good one. "It's been kind of fun, you know? This is my probably eighth coordinator -- offensive coordinator -- so it's been kind of a little puzzling," Hester said, "but at the same time, this is just football. This is what we're out here doing, and we're having fun at it."

One of the biggest differences on the field for the Falcons right now is the tempo and intensity of practice, and Hester said that Coach Quinn balances the need for speed in practice with the understanding that he also has to make sure his players are able to adequately recover between practices. "I love it. It's just an up-tempo practice, get it in, put all the hard work in, and get off your feet," Hester said. "And that's the type of coach Coach Quinn is. It's having his guys fresh, let's go in, not spend so much time on the field. Let's go in and get it done right away. Fast tempo, and then we're off."

While there are many new faces on the coaching staff, two of Hester's coaches, Keith Armstrong and Terry Robiskie, provide some stability for their veteran players during this transition. Hester said that retaining Robiskie has been positive for the receiving corps. "Coach [Robiskie]has been around Atlanta for a while," Hester said. "He knows his players. He's been with Julio and Roddy, E. Weems and those guys, and he knows how to push them and what not to do to them."

Like other players we've heard from throughout this offseason, Hester seems to be buying into Dan Quinn's approach. Adjusting to new personalities and new schemes isn't easy, but Hester makes it sound like it's all going smoothly.

Your thoughts on Hester's comments?