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Falcons Uniform History: #15 is the most epic battle of all time, ever

The Falcoholic's legal staff has required us to warn all of you to sit down before reading this article.

Kevin Cone nearly earned the nod.
Kevin Cone nearly earned the nod.
Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Additionally, after finishing this article, you must wait two hours before operating heavy machinery, reading any hot takes, or swimming. Small children and those with heart conditions should not read the following article. The Falcoholic cannot be responsible for any injuries caused by the non-stop battle, and unending excitement, of the Best. Falcon. To. Wear. 15.



That is correct, but you may need to settle down. We have lots of article to go through, and jersey number battles require endurance.

Gail Cogdill, WR

You may have not even realized that Gail Cogdill wore 15, because Cogdill's number should have been retired. He was rocked up at 6-foot-3, 200-pounds, beasting his way to the top and earned NFL Rookie of the Year.

The man was a beast. And Cogdill only got better.

After his rookie season, Cogdill spent the next three years averaging nearly 20 yards per catch. Each year was higher than any of Julio Jones' seasons, and this is not simply a situation where there is a small sample size. No, Cogdill was averaging nearly 1,000 yards per season, even with only 14 game seasons. Cogdill made three Pro Bowls.

Regrettably, his play took a nosedive for the next five seasons. He was never able to come close to his early season success, and statistically was a very poor, even terrible, wide receiver during these five down years.

Then the Atlanta Falcons signed him in 1969.

Through the next two seasons, Cogdill caught 31 footballs for 475 yards before playing himself entirely out of the league. That just won't cut it for the best 15 in Falcon history.

Mike Moroski, QB

Mike Moroski? You mean current head coach at the College of Idaho? Yes, that Mike Moroski. He played his way in our hearts, and now coaches the Yotes to a 4-7 record in 2014.

Perhaps in time, Matt Ryan will be able to unseat Moroski's reign over Atlanta QB supremacy, but Ryan has a long way to go.

Moroski's six seasons in Atlanta were unlike anything else. Did you know that Moroski once threw 57, that is right, 57 passes in only four seasons? The Falcons could no longer cage this beast.

Moroski broke out in his fifth season, completing 45 passes while starting two games. He clawed his way to starting five games in 1984, and even won one of those five games. He took his impressive 56.3% completion percentage and two wins off to greener pastures, and eventually, the rafters of the Georgia Dome Idaho Yotes.

Eugene Baker, WR

How do you quantify a man 118 career receiving yards? Was each of his seven catches like a beautiful sunset? How do you use words to describe such a sunset? Can I really sum up Baker in only one article? Is he the greatest to ever wear 15? He can't be. Not with Kurt Kittner coming up.

Kurt Kittner, QB

Kittner earned what no other Falcon has: the most valuable player while earning a title. This World Bowl champion and MVP took NFL Europe by storm, only a few years after terribly flaming out with the Atlanta Falcons. Kittner is perhaps best known as the guy who played in 2003 after Michael Vick got injured and Doug Johnson was able to only throw interceptions. Kittner completed 39% of his passes and won an astounding 25% of his games.

Kittner might win this battle, but not if Andy Strickland has anything to say about it.

Andy Strickland, WR

Strickland did not care that he was undrafted. He did not care that he was only 6-foot-0 and 197-pounds. He did not care that he did not have elite speed. Unfortunately, the coaches cared a lot and he never made the active roster.

Kevin Cone, WR

Cone started his career as a fan favorite. The Georgia Tech alum and Georgia area player had nice combination of size and speed. That was evident when he caught one football for 12 yards in his three seasons with Atlanta. Compared to Strickland, Cone is a Hall of Famer.

Courtney Roby, ??

We are somehow at the end of our list. Courtney Roby throws another name in the hat, and makes this a tough battle. But Roby is not afraid of a tough battle. Or maybe he is, it was impossible to tell. After working his way through one catch and assisting in a tackle, Roby was unceremoniously cut to make room Freddie Martino.

The winner

This was not an easy decision. I really struggled to find the best player here. After combing through the names multiple times, the battle is very tight.

Mike Moroski, congratulations. Your two wins as an Atlanta Falcons quarterback somehow makes you the very best 15 to ever wear red and black. Honorable mention goes to Cogdill, who may very well have a better name than Yawin Smallwood.