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Atlanta Falcons sign 2nd round draft pick CB Jalen Collins

Only a few years ago a rookie signing their contract was a huge relief for fans.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Some players would hold out, hoping to strong arm a team into paying them a few hundred thousand more dollars. Frequently players would wait for the player selected before and after them to set their price. Lots of players missed out on camp.

That should not be an issue any longer, as the Falcons have signed their second draft pick not even one week after the draft finished.

Collins will more than likely have signed a four year agreement, and thankfully he was one of the first to sign. He has a fantastic combination of size and speed, but is a raw prospect that needs as much work as possible before the start of the season. He will more than likely start across from Desmond Trufant, if he is ready or not.

Expect more players to sign in the oncoming days.