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Falcons to give Ricardo Allen, Kemal Ishmael a shot at free safety

We now know how the Falcons are planning to clear up the logjam at cornerback, and it's not with a player we anticipated.

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons are trying a few position switches out right now, with Dezmen Southward at cornerback serving as the most prominent example. Now it looks like Ricardo Allen might be going the other way.

Ishmael clearly has some work to do in deep coverage, but he was an impressively physical player who flashed the ability to get his hands on the football last year. If he's made genuine strides in coverage, he's got a real shot to steal the starting job away, and certainly there's upside if he does get the gig. Right now, I'd anticipate Ishmael functioning as William Moore's top backup and potentially as the top backup at free safety, as well. He's going to get snaps in this defense.

Allen's a bit of a different case. The team drafted him in the fifth round last year, cut him and then managed to get him on the practice squad before he was called up late in the season. He lacks ideal size at 5'9", but came out of college with a reputation as an aggressive, athletic cornerback. If the physicality is there, Allen's coverage ability could make him an intriguing option for Quinn's defense. I have to think he's an enormous underdog to win the job outright, but with Charles Godfrey on a one-year deal, he could put himself in the position to take his spot in 2016, at the very least.

Ultimately, I still think this is Charles Godfrey's job to lose, but converting Allen from cornerback would help clear the logjam there and give him a clear path to a roster spot for this Falcons team. Ishmael should be guaranteed a spot for his play against the run and special teams value, at the very least.

Your thoughts?