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Falcons have built an impactful secondary for 2015

This might be the best secondary the team has had since the heyday of Brent Grimes.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The secondary has been the strongest part of the Falcons' defense for several years now—that's not the kind of honorific you put on a plaque, but still—and there's no particularly reason to believe that will change in 2015.

Atlanta already had strong pieces in rising star Desmond Trufant, strong safety William Moore and promising if erratic cornerback Robert Alford, but they didn't stand pat there. Drafting Jalen Collins gives them a corner with length and press coverage chops, Phillip Adams is a perfectly decent fourth corner, and Akeem King and Kevin White offer some intriguing upside at the position, should the team coach them up before the season begins. There's more talent and depth here than there was a year ago, and the top end talent was already pretty good.

The big question here is how impactful Jalen Collins will be from day one, but he has the size, physicality and makeup to be immediately useful, at the very least. Going beyond that, the weak link here figures to be Godfrey. He's a perfectly acceptable free safety when healthy and Quinn will do everything he can to mask his faults, but there's little point in denying that he's not an inspiring starter. If Dezmen Southward can beat him out for the job, there's considerably more upside (and some growing pains) at the position. If not, I think Godfrey can at least achieve competence in this system, and that should be enough to get the Falcons by.

Ultimately, though, this secondary has legitimate talent, and improvements to the front seven should only help everyone back there look a little better.