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Falcons Rookie Minicamp: News and Notes

The first day of rookie minicamp is in the books for the Atlanta Falcons.

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Falcons rookies and tryout players got a warm welcome to Georgia today with the start of rookie minicamp. It was literally a warm welcome, with temperatures in the mid-80s.

If you're hoping for detailed analysis of how rookies performed and wildly early projections on which players look best suited to actually make the roster, you should probably adjust your expectations. As with normal practices and veteran minicamp, the media is permitted to observe for 30 minutes, which generally includes some speed and agility drills, stretching, and today included just a couple of minutes of special teams practice.

The first day of rookie minicamp bore a resemblance to the structure of vet minicamp, but the pace was a little more measured, probably to allow rookies the opportunity to adjust to the speed and intensity of Dan Quinn's practices. Players started with speed and agility and did more stretching earlier in the process than the team did during veteran minicamp.

The playlist during practice is noteworthy. Dan Quinn told the media last week that he essentially oversees the playlist, and let's just say that Atlanta's new head coach's musical tastes are eclectic. The playlist today included Outkast, some Michael Jackson, some 311, Kriss Kross, and even some disco.

While the pace to start may have been a little less intense than what we saw during veteran minicamp, the transition to NFL practices is always a challenge. Terrell Floyd, an undrafted free agent out of Louisville, apparently became dehydrated during practice and was taken by ambulance for further treatment and monitoring. Quinn said after practice that it was precautionary and that Floyd is expected to be fine.

Second round draft pick Jalen Collins did not participate, at least in the portion of practice we were permitted to watch. After practice, both Collins and Dan Quinn said that Collins' lack of participation was precautionary as he continues to recover from foot surgery following the Combine. Quinn said that Collins is very close to being ready to participate, and that his status is essentially day-to-day at this point. Quinn said he's confident Collins will be ready to go by training camp for certain.

Look for news and notes from rookie minicamp tomorrow, also, and weigh in with your thoughts and questions in the comments.