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Falcons rookie minicamp 2015: Impressions and an open thread for Friday

The Falcons' rookie minicamp has kicked off.

Yes, I know this is Archer High School.
Yes, I know this is Archer High School.
Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons are kicking off their rookie minicamp today, giving drafted and undrafted rookies—plus some veterans and tryout players—their first opportunity to get on the Flowery Branch practice field. It's the closest thing to football we'll get until the end of the month, so I urge you to embrace it tenderly.

Look for updates today about any standout performers, not because it cements anything for anyone, but because it'll give you an idea of who to watch more closely once the veterans get in the mix and training camp is in full swing later this summer. You'll also want to note whether any of the tryout players do particularly well, because all 22 of them are fighting for perhaps 1-3 spots with the Falcons when they return to the field in late May and June.

We'll be collecting relevant Tweets and photos right here, so check back throughout the afternoon for anything particularly interesting. I've embedded The Falcoholic Twitter thread below, as well.