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Report: Cowboys land undrafted free agent tackle La'el Collins

There goes that dream, Falcons fans.

Glenn Andrews-USA TODAY Sports

There were more than a few Falcons fans who wanted to see tackle La'el Collins in Atlanta, but I fear I must destroy those dreams, as I so often do.

Collins was caught up in the investigation of a pregnant woman's murder, and there were conflicting reports about whether the woman in question was his ex-girlfriend or not. It's a terrible situation, obviously, and one that makes you feel a little guilty even considering the question of someone's draft stock. Collins was ultimately not charged in the death, but it was too late, because the expected first round draft choice was not drafted as NFL teams waited to see whether he'd be implicated in the murder.

The Cowboys have been aggressive about adding talent regardless of off-the-field concerns this offseason, having signed Greg Hardy and drafted Randy Gregory already. Collins will slot in on one of the best offensive lines in football. The Falcons were reportedly in the mix for Collins, along with many other teams, but he didn't get out of Dallas.

The note of solace that I can offer is that Collins was not an ideal fit for the kind of mobile, athletic front a zone blocking scheme requires, but his talent is real and he would have been an asset wherever he landed. Hopefully none of you lose sleep over it.