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2015 Super Bowl odds and your predicted winner

Is it time for an irresponsibly early prediction? You bet it is, friends.

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

Making ridiculously early predictions is part of the fun in late May, so we're at it again. This time, we're considering how the NFL's playoff picture will turn into playoff reality in 2015, and who will win the Super Bowl.

If you'd like, you can sketch us out the entire playoff field, who will win each matchup and who will ultimately win it all, but I don't require that level of granularity if you're feeling a little groggy this Saturday morning. Just give us your best guess at how things will end up and we'll only mock you gently, both because it's early and because we're all going to be just as wrong.

In case you're wondering, my extremely early pick is a Colts-Seahawks matchup, with the Seahawks winning. Please note that this is not my preferred outcome.

Oh, and on the odds front, you can find a complete list here. At 45/1 odds, the Falcons are right in the middle of the pack for this season, though we all hope they've got a massive surprise in store for us in 2015.

I won't muddy the waters further. Get your morning started right with a playoff and Super Bowl prediction.