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Guard Chris Chester to meet with the Atlanta Falcons

In the least surprising news ever, the Falcons are planning to meet with one of Kyle Shanahan's former offensive linemen.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

It feels like it was just two days ago when we said, "The Falcons will probably be interested in Chris Chester." Well, I hope you are sitting down for this.

ESPN's Adam Caplan was the first with the news that Chester was getting cut, and is the first to list his known visits. Thanks to projected starting left guard Mike Person, the Falcons were widely expected to be looking at any potential option that could start on the offensive line.

As mentioned previously, Chester had been a quality starter, but he no longer fit Washington's new offensive blocking scheme. While he is 32, Chester should have a few more years of starter-worthy years left.

If signed by the Falcons, he would provide veteran experience with a (hopefully) cheap contract. His route to starting in Atlanta is much clearer than potentially starting for the Philadelphia Eagles, and of course has the experience with Kyle Shanahan.

Thoughts on the team looking at Chester?