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Falcons Uniform History: #5

Welcome to #5 in Falcons Uniform History. Here's the short version: Mo' Kickers, Less Problems

Bosher showing mercy is why the Falcons lost this game
Bosher showing mercy is why the Falcons lost this game
Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Folks we've survived the first four numbers and now we're on to number 5. Now I ruined my first post of these by posting a picture of the best player to wear that particular number before, BUT IT WILL NOT HAPPEN this time.

All that said perhaps the best kicker in Falcons history did wear #5, that of Morten Anderson. Whether or not he's the best kicker in Falcons history is a whole different story. But he was a great one.

#5 is also the number of everyone's favorite punter and future free safety, Matt Bosher.



aaaaand behold:


However, he was not the father....err, the best player to wear #5 for the Falcons.

That distinction goes to a man who could have been Bosher's father: Harmon Wages

Wages was an undrafted running back who had a modest career with the Falcons from 1968-1973. In his career with us, he amassed 332 carries for 1,321 yards and 5 rushing TDs, and 85 receptions for 765 yards and 5 receiving TDs. Oh, and he had a 16 yard touchdown pass. That, however, is not the best part.

Wages had a game in particular where he had a rushing TD, a receiving TD, AND a passing TD all in the same game. He's one of only seven players to ever have had accomplishment, and...IT WAS AGAINST THE SAINTS! Muwahahaha!!

Sorry, Bosher. Sorry, Anderson. Harmon Wages takes the cake on this one.

(I didn't even know any of this about Harmon Wages until writing this post. What an awesome guy!)