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How Does Vic Beasley Win?

This Tiger turned Falcon wins quite a lot, but how does he do it?

Adam Hagy-USA TODAY Sports

As one of the top pass rushers of the 2015 draft class, Vic Beasley brings with him a wide array of moves and nearly unmatched athleticism. Luckily for us, Vic received great coaching at the collegiate level, making him the most polished pass rusher that the Falcons could have landed in the entire draft. But how does he find his success?


Beasley's spin is one of the quickest that you'll see in this year's class and past ones as well. His sheer speed and agility alone makes him the best pass rusher Atlanta has on it's roster, bar none. You can see it in motion below, or here on his appearance on ESPN's Sports Science series.


Along with quickness, an aggressive play-style from Vic is an engine for turnovers and stands as an example for "fast and physical". Beasley's talent forces opposing teams to commit more than one player in an attempt to eliminate him from the play. That doesn't always work.

A majority of my pre-combine concern for Beasley was his lack of weight. But, after seeing his aggressiveness in college added to the extra weight that he has going into 2015, any worry that I had about his ability to play hard-ball was diminished. Beasley is consistently a force that will finish even when the scenario would have many other players give up.


Similar to his aggressiveness, Beasley's strength is heavily underrated. Coming in 3rd place of all prospects who participated in the bench press drill, Beasley not only shows that burst of strength needed to successfully play on the line of scrimmage, but also that he can replicate it over a period of time. While facing Boston College here, Beasley was blatantly held by the left tackle, only to finish the play by bringing the quarterback down for an 11 yard loss. And that's not the only example. Many tackles throughout Vic's time at Clemson resorted to holding.

Several prospects in the 2015 draft class would have been great players in Atlanta's LEO position, but Beasley is the absolute perfect fit. With blinding speed, underrated strength and athleticism, and a refined array of pass rushing moves, Vic will win early and often as a rookie.

Its imperative that we keep our expectations in check for a first year player, but its certainly not out of the realm of possibility for Vic to be an early favorite for Defensive Rookie of the Year.

What are your favorite parts of Beasley's game, and what are you expectations of him this season?