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What are the easiest and hardest games on the Falcons 2015 schedule?

Looking ahead to the 2015 schedule, again.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

I found myself considering the Falcons' schedule yesterday while grilling, because that's the kind of thing you do when you're distracting yourself from the tall propane-fueled flames that are currently consuming your burgers. I remain convinced that's a reasonable sort of schedule, but I found myself wondering what the toughest and easiest games on the schedule might be.

For my money, the hardest game on the schedule promises to be the Dallas Cowboys. The Falcons have to travel to them a week after a potentially difficult road game against the Giants, the Cowboys have a terrific aerial attack and their defense is shaping up to be one of the NFL's scariest in 2015. That's not going to be an easy one at all, with question about the Cowboys' ground game and potentially exploitable secondary the only obvious advantages for the Falcons.

On the flip side, Week 8 against the Buccaneers shapes up to be the easiest, potentially, though you could talk me into the Redskins game. Tampa Bay will be tougher than they were a year ago, but the Falcons will be home after two road games, the Bucs figure to need another season to really contend and on paper, at least, Atlanta matches up extremely well with their NFC South foe.

Share your thoughts on the most and least difficult games in the comments.