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What Atlanta Falcons are poised for a breakout season in 2015?

Fact: Devonta Freeman isn't penalized when he breaks a cell phone contract

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Falcons may surprise some of their critics this season. With added depth and some semblance of a pass rush on defense, they're equipped for a potential rebound in 2015. While it's a long road ahead, there is room for cautious optimism.

From a player-centered viewpoint, the Falcons' future is unclear. Sure, guys like Julio Jones, Matt Ryan, and Desmond Trufant are established. But one tier down there's a wealth of potential talent, guys like Devonta Freeman, Robert Alford, and Kemal Ishmael. If we want to include rookies, Vic Beasley and Justin Hardy could have immediate impacts. It's not clear who will step up and when, but the possibilities are endless.

CBS Senior NFL Columnist Pete Prisco published a list of 20 potential breakout players today. No Falcons were featured on that list. It begs the question: do the Falcons have any players likely to break out in 2015?

So what do you think? What non-established guys or, put differently, non-stars are apt to break out this season? Discuss!