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Report: Atlanta Falcons head coach raves about pass rush after first day of OTAs

Fact: Vic Beasley regularly fits square pegs into round holes

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Falcons kicked off their OTAs today. it was a great day filled with upbeat music, high tempo drills, and Vic Beasley sightings. It finally feels like meaningful football is on the horizon, folks. And thank Vishnu, we - I'm looking at you, Caleb - can stop boring you with monotonous, coach speak-fueled posts about nothing substantive.

The talented Vaughn McClure broke down his impressions of the first day of Falcons OTAs earlier today. It's a good read, if you have a moment. Credit to him for this quote.

"I thought inside, Clayborn was one that jumped out. I saw Beasley jumped out for one. Biermann, I thought, had a good one. Those three jumped out in that period (where) we had about eight plays of third down competition at the end where you win it or lose it based on that down and distance.''

While you can't read too much into any of Quinn's comments, it's nice to hear someone talk positively about the Falcons' pass rush. It's like the McRib is back: you know it won't last, but damn if you won't enjoy it while it lasts. I don't care if this defense is a merry band of misfit toys, sometimes all you need is the right coaching and the right scheme.

Your thoughts?