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Falcons Uniform History: #3 Is Clearly Matt Bryant

True fact: All kickers wear Matt Bryant pajamas at night.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Whenever Falcons fans use the term "Matty Ice", the majority of them are referring to Matt Ryan. However, if you ask many within Flowery Branch and the players themselves, they'll tell you that Matt Bryant fits that monicker just as much. In fact, many of the 4th quarter comebacks over the past several years - including the thrilling one against the Seahawks in the playoffs - were finished with a clutch field goal kick for the win.

That's why Matt Bryant is clearly the best Falcons player to have ever donned the #3 on his uniform.

Matt was signed by the Falcons in December of 2009 to replace Jason Elam, and the team has never looked back. In his time with the Falcons, he's never hit below 86%, outside of his first year in Atlanta. Amazingly, since 2010, he's never hit below 70% on FGs between 30 and 49 yards and has often put up percentages in the 90s. He's been a model of consistency and excellence since joining the team.

There were other players who have worn #3 over the years, though the only notable name besides Bryant was Quarterback Bobby Hebert, who played with the team from 1993 to 1996 with an arm held together by twigs, vines and voodoo magic. Hebert actually went to the Pro-Bowl in 1993 before becoming the backup to Jeff George the following two years.

But in the minds of most Falcons fans, there will simply never be a better #3 than Matt Bryant. Matty Ice indeed.