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Who is the best Falcons player to ever wear #2?

Spoiler alert: it's Matt Ryan.

Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

When the writers at the Falcoholic discussed breaking down the Falcons' roster by jersey number and identifying the best player in team history to wear each number, I put my name down next to the number two instantly. Easy post, I thought. Matt Ryan has to be the best Falcon to ever wear #2. Well, I was correct.

Aside from the current #2, this particular number does not have a particularly impressive history with the Falcons.

The first player in Falcons history to wear the number two was Clarence Verdin, a veteran receiver and return specialist who spent 1994, his final NFL season, in Atlanta. Verdin played in 12 games for the Falcons and had zero receptions all season. He had 44 kick returns for 1,026 yards and 23 punt returns for 113 yards. He also had three fumbles.

Next was kicker Tony Zendejas, who played one game with the Falcons in 1995. He made two of three field goal attempts in that game with a long of 45 yards.

Another kicker, Todd Peterson, proudly wore number two during the 2005 season. Peterson was good on 23 of 25 field goal attempts that season.

We can easily conclude that Matt Ryan is the best player in Falcons' history to wear the number two. A three-time Pro Bowler, Ryan holds franchise records for career passing yards, career completion percentage, single season passing touchdowns and more. During the Matt Ryan era the Falcons transitioned from a team that couldn't put together consecutive winning seasons to a team that is generally expected to be a competitive factor each year. Matt Ryan is the best #2 in Falcons' history, and it isn't close.

Your thoughts on the players who have worn the number two for the Falcons over the years?