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Falcons Uniform History: #1

Believe it or not, the Falcons have had a few players wear #1 in their history. Here's a list, plus an interesting fact about the number.

Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

Editor's Note: We'll be running through numbers 1-99 and finding the best Falcons ever to wear those jerseys. We begin, quite naturally, with #1.

#1 holds a special place in my heart. It is the number I wore for my brief high school football career, but in some circles it is considered the number of the team's ace player. While I was hardly my team's ace player, it is a period in my life that I wish I could revisit. Good times!

The Falcons have had a few players wear #1 in their history, however only one was not a kicker.

That one also was the best player to wear #1 for us in terms of Pro Football Reference's AV.

Any guesses?



.'s Jeff George!

George compiled a 25 AV with us, far higher than any of the other players.

The other players to wear #1 for the Falcons include Jason Elam, Matt Prater, and a couple of kickers by the names of Fred Steinfort and Ralph Giacomarro. Elam had a short, but memorable stint with us on the back end of his career. You may remember this amazing moment in Falcons history.

Fun fact: Matt Prater had a -1 AV with the Falcons. I didn't even know that was possible!

Folks, that means that YOU...Yes, you, were more of a contribution to the Falcons from your couch than Matt Prater was to the Falcons in 2007.

You're blessed.