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Julio Jones has highest receiving yards per game in NFL history

That is not a misprint. Julio is immortal.

Breaking: Julio Jones is good at football.
Breaking: Julio Jones is good at football.
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

We all have a pretty good idea that Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones is a pretty good player. I might go so far as to call him above average.

According to Pro Football Reference, Julio has the highest receiving yards per game in NFL history. That means better than everyone, everywhere. He averages an insane 88.4 receiving yards per game.

Are his numbers better than Calvin Johnson? YES, JULIO IS BETTER THAN EVERYONE. Julio is one of the few in the top 10 on a team with other legitimate pass catching targets as well. Even more impressive, Julio is the youngest (26) in the top 20, except for T.Y. Hilton (25).

Julio has averaged one yard more per game than Calvin Johnson, and 7.2 yards more per game than the third wide receiver on the list, A.J. Green. Julio and Johnson are statistical outliers, while the remaining pass catchers, Andre Johnson, Josh Gordon, Torry Holt, and Demaryius Thomas are separated by only fractions of a yard.

For reference, Roddy White is 33rd on the list with an impressive 66.8 yards per game average.

Julio's pace is obviously impressive. On the field, he is absolutely Calvin Johnson-esque, simply in a league of his own. He should be entering the prime years for a wide receiver just as Matt Ryan enters the prime years for a quarterback. If he can stay healthy, there is no reason that Julio cannot improve on his prior numbers and elevate that much further above every other wide receiver in NFL history.