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Joplo Bartu has two game DUI suspension reduced to $50,000 fine

This might all be news to Falcons fans.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

So Joplo Bartu's two-game suspension has been reduced to a stiff fine after he was arrested for DUI. Wait, what?

Getting a suspension reduced to a fine is something every player welcomes, and in Bartu's case it likely improves his chances of sticking on the final roster or landing a decent contract elsewhere if he's cut by the Falcons. Bartu was a part-time player for Atlanta last year, chipping in on special teams and piling up 83 tackles in total.

The suspension came about because the league believed he had not resolved his DUI, when in fact he pleaded no contest and reached an agreement to do so ahead of the NFL's November 1, 2014 deadline. That meant the suspension, which was handed down in March, was finally vacated this month.

I'll be frank, here: I don't remember a two-game suspension even being announced for Bartu, and this DUI arrest doesn't really ring a bell, either. It's good that it's resolved, either way, and I'm hopeful this is the last time we'll hear Bartu (or really any Falcon) connected to a legal issue this year.