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Atlanta in the running for a 2019 or 2020 Super Bowl hosting

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

The new Atlanta stadium wasn't built just so you and I could stumble drunkenly around the 100 yard bar during games. It was built with an eye on attracting big events, and they don't get much bigger than the Super Bowl.

Suffice to say it would be a huge get for everyone associated with the new stadium and the team, even if the impact on the city itself is harder to quantify. It sets up the potential for the ultra rare "team playing in its home stadium for the Super Bowl" for the Falcons, even if I'm getting way, way ahead of myself with that one.

To get the gig in either year, Atlanta will have to beat out Miami, Tampa Bay and New Orleans, but it's worth noting that the city will have a fresh stadium with that fancy retractable roof, which will presumably be a factor. Just don't expect to hear whether Atlanta wins its bid until May 2016, when the next major owners' meeting takes place.

For an update on the new Falcons' stadium progress, check out Jeanna's story here. Think the Falcons will win their bid?