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Falcons 2015 Draft: Day three fan reactions

The Falcons wrapped up a very solid draft overall on Saturday. How did fans and others react?

Tyler Smith/Getty Images

If you're paying attention to Mike Mayock or SB Nation's Dan Kadar or any number of other analysts, you already know that they love the Falcons' draft. How did Falcons fans, and fans of other teams, react?

Most people loved this draft and the way the Falcons systematically addressed needs and got great value throughout.

A handful of folks weren't happy about this draft, but they were the exception, not the rule.

New players weighed in, too, and they all seem excited to be here.

And while this celebratory tweet from new offensive lineman Jake Rodgers isn't from today, I sure did enjoy it.

How are you feeling about the Falcons' draft overall?