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2015 NFL Draft: How Falcons' Day 3 Picks Fit Into the Roster

The Falcons added some legitimate value prospects on day three of the NFL draft. How will they contribute in year one?

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Here's a look at how all of today's Falcons draft picks might fit onto the 2015 roster.

Round 4 - WR Justin Hardy, ECU

Behind Julio Jones and Roddy White, the Falcons wide receiving corps looks lackluster on paper. Hardy, the NCAA's all time leader in receptions looks to make it a bit more promising.

Hardy isn't the biggest (5'10", 192 lbs) or the fastest (4.56 40) wide-out, but he brings a nastiness and quickness that will make him an asset in the slot or blocking downfield.

Look for Hardy to possibly become a No.3 option, taking over slot duties for the former Falcon Harry Douglas.

Round 5 - DT Grady Jarrett, Clemson

Just a few days ago I was really missing Corey Peters, then Atlanta went off and allowed me to forget about him.

Grady Jarrett is an incredible athlete on the defensive line, and could push for substantial playing time starting immediately. Being a smaller prospect at 6'0" likely caused him to drop, but Grady could prove to be one of the best picks in the entire class.

This year, I'd expect Jarrett to be a frequent rotational player with expectations of becoming a successor to Babineaux down the line.

Round 7 - OL Jake Rodgers, Eastern Washington

He has a mullet.

But seriously, Rodgers is an underrated athlete here in the 7th round. He's quick and could potentially be an option at guard if guys like James Stone, Sam Baker, or Mike Persons don't work out. There are concerns about his strength, but for a 7th rounder there will be flaws.

At the very least, Rodgers can provide some depth for the Falcons behind a line that is still lacking a clear-cut starter at left guard.

Round 7 - S Akeem King, San Jose State

Atlanta needed a starting caliber safety, but it's looking like they're either already on the roster or the coaching staff has a plan for next offseason.

King is a very large defensive back at 6'3" and 212 pounds, and offers great length and speed for Quinn's 4-3 Under. Seattle has made it's success off of late round defensive backs, but you can't expect to hit every time.

King looks like a project, but once again the Falcons added solid depth to a defense that was arguably the worst in the league in 2014. Look for King to push for a roster spot this summer.

How do you feel about Atlanta's day three selections, and how do you see them panning out in the first year?