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Falcons 2015 Draft: Day two analysis of the Jalen Collins and Tevin Coleman picks

The day brought a couple of surprises to the Falcons, and while there's a little bit of unease regarding the first pick, I think they'll pan out.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

So we picked a risky CB and a flamethrower RB on Day 2 of the draft. Some weren't as high on the Collins pick as I was. I liked the value we were getting at that pick. Not as big a fan of our 3rd round pick, Tevin Coleman. The player? Awesome. The fit/value for us? Not so awesome. Here's a bit of a bigger breakdown:

Round 2 (42): Jalen Collins, CB, LSU

Not the pick I would've taken, but Collins both helps a need and could have been the best player available on the team's board. He's a lanky corner at well over 6 feet tall, and his tape at a short glance suggests he's like a Richard Sherman-type player. Long, not a super athlete, but very disruptive and deceptive in over-the-top routes.

He struggled against Amari Cooper, but Julio Jones will make him better. He was a borderline Round 1 talent. He failed several drug tests in college supposedly, and had the same foot fracture that Julio had at the combine. He had surgery on it and I believe he's good to go.

I have to imagine he's either our new free safety or Alford will slide over to that spot and Collins will cover the outside. He ought to compliment Trufant nicely, as Collins is more of a lengthy guy whereas Trufant is more of a blanket guy without elite size. I think Collins is going to be a Week 1 starter as well.

I give this pick a B+. I think it's a good pick in terms of talent available and defensive fit, but I think the team could've made a better pick here, like Kendricks.

Round 3 (73): Tevin Coleman, RB, Indiana

As of this pick, Eli Harold and that one guy from UCLA are still on the board. I'm not a huge fan of this pick in terms of fit. Talent-wise, he's probably the best running back remaining, but you're telling me this team couldn't find some defensive player (Especially ones with 2nd round talent like Harold and UCLA-guy) that would help us instead of a running back, where we don't really have a burning need?

I said this last night, but I guess this group doesn't want Antone Smith running the ball either. Devonta Freeman is THE perfect zone blocking scheme back, whereas Tevin Coleman is the opposite of a zone blocking scheme back. He runs with reckless abandon without patience. That's not what we want in a ZBS back!

Hard to say whether or not he or Freeman will start. Freeman does not have ideal size, but he's better for a zone blocking scheme than Coleman. Coleman fits the Antone Smith role...but we already have him. I think he'll come in and share carries with Freeman and push Antone to the 3rd back role...again. I don't like it, but that is now reality for us.

I think Coleman's athletic ability (his senior highlights are ridiculous) will serve a good purpose for us, but I can't shake the feeling that one of the worst defenses in 2014 could use as many draftees as possible.

I give it a C. Not thrilled about the pick (I do like the player), but his blazing speed will make plays for us.

Your thoughts on our day 2 picks?